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Returning to roots

This particular account I'm typing from, was the account with the most significant name. I wanted a revolution, an antisexual revolution. It hasn't happened yet, but it's a nice dream to have.

If you see this message and are interested in the International Antisexual Movement, or just antisexualism. is the best place to join the discussion right now.

If you want, also feel free to email me at catsrnice (at)

For the past few years I and other IAM forum/community members have worked on building up antisexual rhetoric. But in the end, the most important aspects of antisexualism really can't be argued against.
In the end, EVERYONE, no matter who, what culture or what time period, has the right to NEVER have sex, and that is a fact.
In the end, sex isn't objectively good and certainly not above criticism. And that is a fact.
In the end, sex is a choice, and that is a fact. An incalculably pathetic choice, but a choice.

To sum it up, I present the supposed 4 pillars of antisexualism

1. To engage in sex-criticism
2. To act as a community for various sex-negative individuals
3. To prevent sex-positivity in the realm of public policy in order to prevent sex-positive coercion
4. To fight for the right of EVERYONE to NEVER have sex.

Don't listen to sexuals, there lies no shame in sex-negativity, so those who are looking for support, those who are looking for help, and those who are just interested in general, PLEASE don't be a stranger! (And those who disagree? Go away, we'll get to you shortly (nah, feel free to email))

Together we can work for a saner, nicer future.

Lawrence Hereward
It is most wonderous and rejuvenating that I have come across this community, albeit how inactive it may seem. Sexuality is the bane and curse of all humanity, and it must be destroyed before we may advance as a species! I do believe that it is time for us to gather and make our distinction and mark upon the world as the true crusaders of justice, purity and ascendancy and as such I call upon all who proclaim themselves to be antisexual to join us in our effort! Do comment more about how you wish to advance this movement below.

Advancing the community.
Gi Yv
Hello. I am a new member of this community. I have been searching for community like this and finally found it.
Unfortunately I saw that many members are inactive? So what could I do for the advancing of our community.(Sorry if there are mistakes, the English is not my native language.)

(no subject)
I think I might of created my own version of anti-sexuality on accident. My social conventions and memory are poor due to head trauma I got from playing sports in high school. These injuries have affected my anxiety around women and when I finally did succeed in attracting interest from them I instantly would forget soon after that I had established a connection. My short term memory could have worsened because of frequent marijuana ingestion and occasional self harm I would do to myself by hitting myself in the head. It's really hard to tell if this is reality because it's difficult to recount my own memory and my friends would be the only source of information, but it's like they want to forget about it. They might of tried to help me understand what I have done in the past, but my absence of recall led me to question their aid. I feel as if I am a social outcast and that all of my social encounters are filled with suspicion. The reminder that I might actually be delusional and can't create new memories without forgetting them makes them think to not waste their time in pursuing me romantically because it won't be worthwhile. In acceptance, I do have a desire to be sexual, but my sex-drive is always obsolete because of addictive habits that are associated with pornography. I can't wait for the day that I can enjoy the freedom of sexuality and get rid of my dreadful virginity.

Finally created a new forum!
FORTRESS: For Those Resisting Sexual Society

Over the past few weeks, I was working on what I wrote for the Site Info and Announcements section, but I'm just getting started! One of the first projects I'd like to collaborate with others, is an introductory of 101-page describing what we are, what we aren't, and the issues that we face.

Asexuality as an identity
I find it funny when people call asexuality (and that word still means lack of sexuality/sexual activity in life to me, and to anyone who understands what an "a" in front of a word represents) an identity. That's like calling wisdom or intelligence an identity, and therefore also calling ignorance and stupidity an identity. As if it's something other people simply have to accept "just because". Different is always good, right? Just because it's different! Variety, yay. Hey, I identify as stupid, so how dare you tell me that 2+2 ISN'T 5! And since I also happen to identify as ignorant, I'll be airwalking on that space between the two cliffs, no matter how many times you tell me I'll fall off! How dare you! Ableism stupidism ism ism!

A life that lacks sexuality is simply something that every- and anyone who thought about the issue sufficiently arrives at, just like anyone who knows basic mathematics finds out that certain things are true, and others are not. It is true that sex causes more harm that not, and the opposite is not true. And to anyone who thinks that "everything is relative", well, then than statement is also relative, and therefore not "right", and "right", is what people who state something like that nonetheless want to be...right? Ha-ha.

Anyway, just another of the myriad of things that bother me, carry on.

A community struggling to survive, but let's change that!
This is what we are. Since 2013, several sites either became inactive, or died out altogether, including the most important one. That's a tremendous loss, and this is probably the last antisexual community left in English that fully counts as one.

I did some searching in Russian, out of curiosity, and found a few groups (although they're scattered, and in Russian only), but found a lot of information. One of my ambitions has been to adapt that information to help us. Nearly all that information was about antisexuals, but not written by antisexuals, just outsiders looking in. It's crucial that we compile information about us, for us. I'd be willing to make a new forum with that goal in mind, and with the suggestions in the previous entry.

I could use still some guidance before I create such a forum.  What would be a good name, and what sub-forums would you want on it? I also considered adding a new section on the forum I already made, but would that be enough, or a separate forum is needed?

It's sure been quite here as of recently, anyone still visit regularly?

New Year! (And hopefully new posts.)
It's officially 2015!  No one has posted anything for weeks.  I hope there would be more activity this year.

Bangiomorpha pubescens
Have you ever heard about this organism before? It has something to do with the origin of sexuality. How do you think human sexuality differs from this?

Why is there a UN Women, but no UN Men?

 Willow-leaved justicia
Might this help against oopsing?

"Science Vs. Feminism"
Is feminism in line with reality? This website says it isn't:

"Feminism is the new Creationism"

"Slaves to our sex drive"
This is what MGTOW do with their sex drives:

Difference between romance and best friends?
Here's another romance-related question: what's the difference between a romantic relationship and a best-friends relationship?


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